Lockated: Bolstering Real Estate With Smart Marketing and Engagement Platforms

Chetan Bafna
Founder & CEO
The real estate industry has undergone transformational changes in the past decade with RERA bringing transparency, changing buyer behavior coupled with the dynamically evolving lifestyle and consumer facing technology. Real Estate Development companies across the nation are constantly looking at adding more SMART features in their projects to differentiate them from the competition and make them more relevant to the current lifestyle of the customers. Given the changing landscape of the industry and the customer being the new king, companies are employing advanced customer facing technologies to enhance their offerings. Furthermore, as an industry that involves high ticket value and involves sentimental buying there is a dire need of efficient Client Servicing, Interaction and providing a delighted experience to their customer who make the biggest investment in their lifespan. Organizations want to create better touch points and relations with their existing customer to build a brand of reliability and trustm which will drive advocacy and lead to positive impact on sales. In order to ensure improved marketing penetration, customer retention, lead generation and subsequent business growth there is a need for Real Estate companies to be more customer centric just like any other industry. Perfectly understanding these challenges, Mumbai based Lockated endeavors to transform the real-estate industry, with smart software, to cater to the needs of realtors and consumers.

Adding Value to Customer Loyalty Management for Real Estate
Incepted in 2015, Lockated is a realty tech company which is enabling the transformation of the sector. Recognizing the gap and the immense potential for opportunity, the company started with its 1st solution – a next generation Mobile CRM Tool for Real Estate companies integrated with SMART Community & Complex Management systems and Smart Home devices. By adopting Lockated, the Real Estate company converts the entire Project into a Smart Project. The solution helps Real Estate companies to bridge the gap between their offering and customer expectations. It further provides an Enhanced Buying experience and customer journey. The Lockated solution can also be integrated with the existing CRM of the company.

Another crucial challenge addressed by Lockated is the static nature of mobile app adoption within the real estate companies. Lockated powered mobile platform serves as a unique solution that not only enables Real Estate companies to showcase their Company/Project profile but to also create significant engagement on their App, thereby enhancing Consumer Loyalty. Today Lockated has about 20000+ units being delivered through its platform across its clients and will add about 25000+ units every year going forward.

The "Amazon of Real Estate" in making
Lockated is further expanding into becoming a managed market place for the Real Estate Sector catering to all the needs of a New Home Buyer. Lockated focuses at making the buyers journey extremely
smooth& convenient. Lockated will soon start offering Interiors, Automation, leasing services, etc. through multiple enplaned vendors through its platform as an extension to the value added services by the Real Estate companies. The Customers will get the best price and host of product choices customized to their needs at the comfort of their home with assured deliverable, and that will make Lockated the 1st and only managed market place for Real Estate Globally.

With real estate companies now identifying customer loyalty and engagement as an important factor to enhance their sales and brand positioning, Lockated not only caters to CRM and Customer Loyalty Management to help them generate more engagement and increase their customer connect but is also establishing itself in adding value to this ecosystem for all the Stake holders by providing value added services. Today we have created touch points and are catering to all the needs of our stakeholders across all phases of the lifecycle of a Real Estate Project,” affirms Chetan Bafna, Founder & CEO. The company has also evolved and expanded since its inception, to venture into IoT, Home Automation and Interior Solutions. “Whether it’s Marketing, Communication, AR/VR, Pre-sales, Post-sales, Payments, Visitor Management, Customer Loyalty Management, Sales Inventory Management, Channel Partner Management, Property Management solutions or Home Automation, Lockated creates a simpler and more revolutionised way to bridge the gaps across real estate, while also optimizing costs,” adds Chetan.

" Lockated endeavors to transform the realestate industry, with smart software, to cater to the needs of realtors and consumers"

With sales teams of organizations needing quick access to inventories for more efficient selling, Lockated’s sales and inventory management provides centralized and mobile control of project inventory with realtime inventory updates, tracking of performance and advanced analytics and linking the same with AR/VR giving a more Real Feel to the global clients. The company also helps organizations manage their property operations more efficiently with robust Building Management Systems(BMS)and tools to make information more readily available for better control and optimization. Additionally, Lockated also caters to Home Automation solutions that leverage IoT to provide integration with handheld devices for anytime anywhere control. These solutions include complete Home Automation solutions customizable solutions for each apartment, with wireless retrofitting technology. “With Smart Phones becoming an integral part of everyday life and the mass penetration of internet, there is an increased need for smarter gadgets which can integrate and communicate across various other devices and provide more convenience to users. Lockated’s Home Automation solutions have been designed to meet this need and offer more flexibility over wired systems,” explains Chetan

Future Engagements
Despite a recent beginning in there al estate segment, Lockated has gained adequate industry expertise through its various engagements and has carved a niche for itself in this domain. Over the years, the company has also procured an esteemed clientele across India that includes the likes of Raheja Universal, Omkar, Neelam, CBRE, Oberoi, and Suncity Projects, to name a few. Leveraging this position, the company is en route to building its expansion strategy across geographies as well as opening its first international office, in the upcoming future. Lockated is one of the very few examples in the Startup Eco system which is scaling and building a fundamental business, solving an industry problem, is going Global and has not yet raised external capital.